Why Datability:

With the inception of The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), educators are legally required to record and use educational data.  

Parents want to see the rationale for the educational decisions made for their children.  

Despite the legal mandate and theoretical rationale to integrate assessment with instruction, data suggests that special educators prefer unsystematic observation over objective measurement to assess the progress of their students (Potter & Mirkin, 1982). Often the assessments differ from those dictated by the IEP, both in methodology and schedule of data collection (Radicone, In Press). Additionally, educators express confidence in the accuracy of those assessments when data suggests that such observations lead to unduly optimistic judgments of achievement (Fuchs, Deno, & Mirkin, 1984).

Our Mission

Datability is here to make data collection and analysis easy. 

Keeping educational data shouldn't be a chore... but it is. With so many students and IEP goals, its not easy for educators to record reliable and valid data during the school day.  Additionally, organizing the data into a coherent report to share with caregivers adds another level of complexity.  Datability strives to make data collection easy by automating the process.  Check out our features. 

Datability has provided my staff with a digital mechanism to collect data on student performance. The focus of data driven instruction has improved due to the implementation of consistant daya collection through the app
— Debi Kienke-Executive Director of Special Education Oceanside UFSD

What We've Achieved